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By clicking 'I Agree' I acknowledge that I wish to register this property to be offered at auction. The Brokerage firm shall be deemed to have earned a commission if all of the following condition have been met:

  • Registered buyer must close the transaction in full terms under the purchase contract.
  • Seller is aware of a 2% buyer’s fee, to Jennerjohn Realty, Auctioneering and Appraising LLC. Added to the total sale of the contract.
  • Registered buyer must be the high bidder with a binding purchase contract for the property and approved by seller in writing.
  • Seller to get paid upon successful closing.
  • Seller to give Jennerjohn Realty, Auctioneering & Appraising LLC. keys to property for private showings.
  • Seller to allow electronic lockbox at property for showings.
  • Seller to not list property with any other company while it is on Auction site.
  • Seller to give full permission for advertising purposes permission to advertise the property on any site they see fit for advertising purposes.

Providing all of the above conditions are met in full, Jennerjohn Realty, Auctioneering & Appraising will earn a commission of 2% of the final purchase price paid at closing. Seller to be responsible for seller closing costs. There will be NO exceptions made to the seller participation policy.

Execution of this Agreement, the parties hereto do agree to the terms and conditions contained within this agreement. This agreement will not be in effect until executed and accepted by Jennerjohn Realty, Auctioneering & Appraising LLC.

By clicking 'I Agree' below, I certify Jennerjohn Realty, Auctioneering & Appraising LLC. is the ONLY broker representing me as a Seller on the above referenced auction.